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YPNet Yellow Pages Order Entry System
Our YPNet Yellow Pages Order Entry System was design to allow CMR agencies to enter yellow page orders for their clients and transmit them to the YPA Elite Central repository for processing. Yellow Page publishers will receive the orders through the YPA Elite system.
Our YPNet Yellow Pages Order Entry System provides a full turnkey solution for implementing and managing Yellow Page Orders including:
Order Management
YPA Elite Interface
Billing Interface
Other Features and Benefits
Platform Specifications
Services and Support
Installation and Training
Purchase Options
Screen Shots
Please contact us for more information and to schedule a free demonstration.
Order Management
Our YPNet Yellow Pages Order Entry System provides Yellow Page Orders functions including:
Client Maintenance.
Order Entry and Transmission.
Contract Processing.
Batch and transaction processing.
Billing and accounting interface.
YPIMA Elite processing.
Complete historical records of all orders and transactions.
User/Group/Client Permissions Management.
Dealer/Branch Management
Order/Graphics Maintenance and Transmission.
Many Standard Reports and Forms
And many more features….
YPA ELITE Interface
Our system provides complete YPA Elite interface functionality including:
Order Processing and transmission to YPA Elite
Management of all batch processing functions.
YPA Elite Reports
YPA Elite Administration Functions
YPA Graphics interface
Loading of YPA Rates and Data information.
Uploading YPA Orders to local database.
YPA Mail transmission and retrieval.
Billing Interface
Our Billing Module was designed to interface with any accounting package that you use. It will allow you export, as needed, a billing file for any new or changed order. That file can be imported into any accounting package. Optionally, we can design and build a customized interface to access your accounting database directly. Our development and consulting staff can tailor this module to meet the specific needs of your organization.
Other Features and Benefits
Remote Access
For users that may be at other locations, the system may be remotely accessed. This can be done utilizing a secure VPN connection to your YPNet server.
Thin Client solutions.
Utilizing MS Windows Terminal Services, the system can support Thin Client technology which would not require that you upgrade your current client workstations to run the system. This will allow you to preserve your investment in your current workstations and still have the benefit a new and speedy system.
Web Interface
The system optionally provides a web interface which will allow you to access the application from a web browser. There will not be a need to install and maintain any additional software on your PC workstations. It will also allow the users to access the system from any client platform that supports a web browser.
Stable and Reliable
The system was built on the MS Windows Server operating system using MS SQL Server database. These products were chosen because their reliability, stability, and cost.
Administration Functions
The system has built in administration function such as database backup and recovery.
Platform Specifications
The Net-YP application is developed using MS-Access that connects to a MS SQL server database.
The system requires a MS Windows server with MS SQL Server database. Each user must have an MS-Access or MS-Access Runtime License to run the application. NetSoft Solutions will provide the MS-Access Runtime software for all users. Optionally the system can be configured as a Thin Client solution. In this case the user only need a Terminal Services Client program which is provided by Microsoft free of charge.
Services and Support
We can provide a fully customized software solution for your agency. Our consulting group will customize the YPNet application to meet your agencies specific needs.
We offer yearly software support for the YPNet application. Our yearly support includes all updates of the YPNet application. Optionally can design a custom support program for your agency.
Our consulting staff can provide network design and implementation for your agency to help you setup, maintain and manage your local network, email, remote access, Active Directory, and other network services.
Installation and Training
As part of our initial delivery of the system we will provide complete installation and training services. We can provide training to end users or we can “train the trainer” so that you can provide your own training to users as you roll out the system.
Purchase Options
The YPNet system can be purchased in any of the following ways:
NetSoft Solutions will provide all the hardware, software, installation, and training for a fixed initial cost. Support for the YPNet will be billed annually.
All of the hardware, software, services and support can be leased through our lease program. We offer a 12 thru 60 month program. This option is contingent upon you having acceptable credit.
For companies that do not wish to own and host there own server we offer our system as a web based service that will be billed monthly. All users will have access to only their client’s orders and information. With this option NetSoft Solutions will perform all backups, Rates and Data updates, and other administrative functions. The servers will be kept up to date with the latest enhancements and upgrades. The users access the YPNet system through a secure VPN connection. There is no additional software required to be loaded on each client PC. They will only need Terminal Services Client program which is provided by Microsoft free of charge.
For more pricing information please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a detailed estimate.
Screen Shots
Order Entry Screen – This screen is the heart of the order entry system. It allows the user to enter and modify orders, add Elite transactions, maintain comments, manage A/Q transactions, and maintain sales and contract information. Order can be searched and sorted by any field.

NetYP Order Form

Screen Shots
Transmit Order Screen – The transmit order screen shows all the orders that are ready to be transmitted. It allows the user to search and select the orders that they would like to transmit to the Elite system. It will then create a batch to be transmitted to the Elite System.

YPNet Transmit Orders

Screen Shots
Batch Information Screen – This screen allows the user to transmit a batch and retrieve the email from the Elite System. It will retrieve the Errors and other Elite files and permanently store them so they can be viewed with this batch.

YPNet Batch Info Screen

Please contact us for more information and to schedule a free demonstration.
YPNet Yellow Pages Order Entry System Version 2.5 supports Oracle database 11g R2, Oracle Linux 5.5, Oracle Solaris 11, Oracle Exadata and Oracle SPARC supercluster.
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