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Business Collaboration & File Sharing
Netsoft Briefcase
Your files, wherever you are
Briefcase is a personal storage space for your files – and it comes with 2TB of cloud storage! It’s synced between all of your PCs and Macs, and is accessible from anywhere online or on your mobile.
Your files, wherever you are
Features include:
The same files on every PC and Mac
Access your files anywhere online
View all of your files on your mobile
Share files with friends and family
Completely safe and secure
Outstanding support
The same files on every computer
Briefcase appears as a new drive on your Mac or PC. You can use it like any other drive – drag and drop files and open them in your favourite apps – but it’s synced to the cloud and between all of your computers, so your files go with you anywhere.
Set your files free
With Netsoft’s apps you can access your files from anywhere at anytime. Stream your music and movies or view your images and documents on-the-go. We have apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Chrome OS and Windows 8. Plus our mobile site allows you to access your cloud from any web enabled device.
One click sharing
Need to send large files to your friends, family or colleagues? No problems – with Netsoft you can share files with one click. Either share publicly with the whole world or share privately and securely with selected people – we’ll email them a username and password.
Netsoft Business Pro Suite
Backup all of your computers, sync your files between your PCs and Macs, access your files anywhere – all in one feature rich package. With our Business Pro Suite you get exclusive features that are not available on any other home account. Advanced users can use FTP or SFTP to access their cloud storage, letting you access your files from an FTP client or automate uploads and downloads. You also get WebDAV access to your files, letting you view and edit files from within other apps – such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote on the iPad. You can manage multiple computer accounts from one administrative account.
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