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Hosted Voip
Setup your virtual office anywhere and never miss a call!
Our Voip solution solves the following headaches:
High phone system bills
Problems that come with being on a shared phone system
Leaving the office and being out of touch
Keeping up with the latest technology
Replacing the aging phone system
Getting additional features installed on your system
Dealing with a remotely located phone company
Our phone service is completely portable, it can be used anywhere broadband internet access is available. You can keep your existing phone number, and most Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) compatible devices work with our system; however, we sells and supports affordable Polycom phones that arrive pre-configured to ensure plug and play convenience.
You can connect remote offices and teams into one global communication system, leveraging your workforce for improved productivity. Plus, our system is scalable; add new extensions, users and phones at any time. There are no long distance charges between users ever, regardless of their location. Once your system is in place, our web-based admin page is completely user-friendly, and comes with free, remote training and support.
Regardless of the size of your workforce, all our phones come with the following standard features:
Voice Mail via Email
Call Forwarding
Call Holding
Call Conferencing
Call Recording
Call Center & Ring Queues
Call Transfer
Auto Attendant
Hold Music
Follow Me
Do Not Disturb
Call Park
Caller ID
Speed Dial
EasyWeb-based Admin
And much more!
Pick your level of phone service based on your level of need:
5 users minimum
Up to 40 users / 65 devices
Plans Include All Of The Following:
Keep your own number
One voice conference room
One web conference room
Unlimited Extensions
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Netsoft Solutions, Inc.
1 Bridge Street, Suite 95
Irvington, NY 10533
Phone: 914-591-5399
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