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Software Applications
Our Vertical Solutions…
NetSoft Solutions, Inc. has developed the following vertical solutions:
Our Vertical Solutions…
Net-PD Police Management System
YPNet Yellow Page Order Entry System
We provide complete installation, training and support services to help you manage these systems in your environment. We also provide full consulting services to design and develop modification and enhancements to these systems to meet your specific business needs.
Please contact us for more information and to schedule a free demonstration.
Net-PD Police Management System
The Net-PD system is a full featured police management system which consists of a Computer Aided Dispatching Module, a Records Management Module, and a Supervisory Module. The Software was designed and developed specifically to meet the needs of a typical police department. It was originally designed with the input from 16 different municipalities to ensure that the system encompassed all the needs of each department. It has been enhanced over the years with specific recommendation from our Net-PD Users Group to ensure that it has evolved as the business of police management has evolved. NetSoft Solutions can also customize the application to meet the needs of any police department.
The software was developed to run on an Oracle database and the Red Hat Linux Enterprise operating system. We chose this platform because it provides the most cost effective and stable environment for a mission critical application. Our software has a proven track record as being extremely stable and reliable. It has performed with minimal bugs and down time since 1996.

Our Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) module is also designed to work for Fire Departments, First Aid Squads and Health Departments.
Learn more about our Net-PD solution.
YPNet Yellow Pages Order Entry System
Our YPNet Yellow Pages Order Entry System was design to allow CMR agencies to enter yellow page orders for their clients and transmit them to the YPA Elite Central repository for processing. Yellow Page publishers will receive the orders through the YPA Elite system.
Our YPNet Yellow Pages Order Entry System provides a full turnkey solution for implementing and managing YP orders including:
Client Maintenance.
Order Entry and Transmission.
Contract Processing.
Batch and transaction processing.
Billing and accounting interface.
YPA Elite processing.
Complete historical records of all orders and transactions.
User/Group/Client Permissions Management.
Dealer Management
Order/Graphics Maintenance and Transmission.
And many more features….
Our system provides a complete YPA Elite interface including:
Order Processing and transmission to YPA Elite
Management of all batch processing functions
YPA Elite Reports
YPA Elite Administration Functions
YPA Graphics interface
Loading of YPA Rates and Data information.
Uploading YPA Orders to local database.


YPA Mail transmission and retrieval.
YPNet Yellow Pages Order Entry System Version 2.5 supports Oracle database 11g R2, Oracle Linux 5.5, Oracle Solaris 11, Oracle Exadata and Oracle SPARC supercluster.
Learn more about our YPNet solution.
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